Today in climate change (10 March 2023)

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EV battery recycler hits 95% recovery rate in world-first collection program

‘Everyone should be concerned’: Antarctic sea ice reaches lowest levels ever recorded

NSW government called out on net zero goal as own data projects coal and gas emissions until 2050

Beat the Heat

Gas could make up one-third of Victoria’s climate pollution by 2035: report

Fossil fuels kill more people than Covid. Why are we so blind to the harms of oil and gas?

Revealed: 1,000 super-emitting methane leaks risk triggering climate tipping points

With global warming of just 1.2°C, why has the weather gotten so extreme?

Variability conceals emerging trend in 100yr projections of UK local hourly rainfall extremes

Climate change to cost Germany up to 900 billion euros by 2050 – study

Threat of rising seas to Asian megacities could be way worse than we thought, study warns

Intense Downpours in the UK Will Increase Due to Climate Change Says New Study


Today in climate change (24 February 2023)

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Unpriced climate risk and the potential consequences of overvaluation in US housing markets

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature: Indicating Extreme Heat Risk on a Global Grid

#KeepItCool infographics

France goes 31 days without rainfall, unprecedented in winter

Florida’s Great Displacement

XDI releases world-first comparison of every state’s physical climate risk

As Louisiana’s coast disappears, its historic communities are disappearing too

Q&A: Cyclone Gabrielle’s biggest climate lessons for NZ

Hurricanes are changing with the climate. Our words about them may need to change, too

Record Low Ice at Great Lakes Seen in Before and After Images From Space

Today in climate change (17 February 2023)

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Natural disasters, boosted by climate change, displaced millions of people in U.S. in 2022

Myth-buster: Why two degrees of global warming is worse than it sounds

‘It’s inequality that kills’: Naomi Klein on the future of climate justice

New Zealand minister decries climate crisis ‘lost decades’ in wake of Cyclone Gabrielle

Wind and solar help South Australia escape tyranny of soaring gas prices

Rising seas threaten ‘mass exodus on a biblical scale’, UN chief warns

Vulnerability and loss and damage following the COP27 of the UN framework convention on climate change

Climate ‘teleconnections’ may link droughts and fires across continents

Temps to approach 50C in Australia this weekend

Reversals in Temperature-Precipitation Correlations in the Northern Hemisphere Extratropics During the Holocene

Join the Cool Coalition: Cities are warming twice as fast as the global average

New modelling shows future impacts of rising sea levels

Climate Change in the American Mind: Beliefs & Attitudes, December 2022

Are disaster seasons real? It’s time to reframe our thinking

Modeling the Greenland Ice Sheet’s Committed Contribution to Sea Level During the 21st Century

Today in climate change (10 February 2023)

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Future sea level rise dominates changes in worst case extreme sea levels along the global coastline by 2100

New Zealand – Auckland Needs Stormwater Systems Fit for Climate Change

Arctic sea ice mass balance in a new coupled ice–ocean model using a brittle rheology framework

Exceptionally warm temperatures – Europe experiences third warmest January on record; Antarctic sea ice extent reached its lowest for January

Second best month for big solar in Australia as WA facility tops rankings again

How India is battling deadly rain storms as climate change bites

Melting Glaciers Show Why Climate Targets Below 1.5°C Are Needed

Auckland just had its wettest month in over 170 years, and more rain is on the way

Study links record-breaking rainfall events in separate regions

California’s Extreme Weather Is the Future of Climate Change

Today in climate change (3 February 2023)

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Ocean heat shatters record with warming equal to 5 atomic bombs exploding “every second” for a year

Ancient air trapped deep below the surface could unlock secrets of the Earth’s past and help understand what lies ahead as CO2 in the atmosphere keeps rising

Don’t wait for COP: the end of the fossil-fuel age must start now

Three issues will decide if Labor’s climate policy is a success – what the government does next is key

Past eight years confirmed to be the eight warmest on record

Regionalizing the sea-level budget with machine learning techniques

Modeled storm surge changes in a warmer world: the Last Interglacial

Warning of unprecedented heatwaves as El Niño set to return in 2023

Inter-decadal climate variability induces differential ice response along Pacific-facing West Antarctica

New report shows alarming changes in the entire global water cycle

Is carbon removal delaying emission reductions?

Extreme weather events to increase in Australia

Earth is on track to exceed 1.5C warming in the next decade, study using AI finds

new study finds the biggest increases in inundation will occur after the first 2 metres (6.6 feet) of sea level rise, covering more than twice as much land as older elevation models predicted

A new study conducted with data from 93 European cities estimates that one third of deaths attributable to heat islands could be avoided if trees covered 30% of urban space

Climate change is already putting the heat on insurance companies – Auckland’s floods could be a turning point

Megadroughts in the Common Era and the Anthropocene

Auckland suffers wettest month in history

Data-driven predictions of the time remaining until critical global warming thresholds are reached

Today in climate change (13 January 2023)

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Australia could swing from three years of La Niña to hot and dry El Niño in 2023

Low amount of snow across Alps in 2022-23 winter;10.16;6&l=snow

Debunking 3 Common Climate Change Myths

Global temperatures in 2023 set to be among hottest on record

Half of glaciers will be gone by 2100 even under Paris 1.5C accord, study finds

Warming climate means more and stronger Atlantic tropical storms

Climate change: Why is Europe experiencing a January heat wave?

Large-scale dynamics moderate impact-relevant changes to organised convective storms

Scientists Report a Dramatic Drop in the Extent of Antarctic Sea Ice

More than 90% of the world’s population is projected to face increased risks from the compound impacts of extreme heat and drought, potentially widening social inequalities

Relentless rain, record heat: study finds climate crisis worsened extreme weather

Climate Change in 2022: Multiple Billion-Dollar Disasters and Unbearable Human Costs

Summer 2022 was the hottest on record for Europe and, overall, last year was the second warmest year on record for Europe, while globally it was the fifth warmest

This report assesses the social and economic effects of extreme heat through the prism of twelve cities that are already enduring and addressing dramatic impacts of heat waves

Australian official: Climate change making historic flooding “less natural”

NSW coal mine’s life could reach past 2050

Chief Heat Officers — an Emergency Response to Urban Heat

Climate change and La Niña driving losses

An emerging governmentality of climate change loss and damage

World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency 2022

2022: New Zealand’s warmest year on record, again

Better insurance could effectively mitigate the increase in economic growth losses from U.S. hurricanes under global warming

Extreme weather has cost the US more than $1 trillion in the past seven years, feds report

Oceans were the hottest ever recorded in 2022, analysis shows

Global droughts connected by linkages between drought hubs

Explaining Extreme Events from a Climate Perspective

New tech to monitor climate change

2022 was one of Earth’s six warmest years on record

Climate change and extreme weather events have doctors worried

Four ways winter heatwaves affect humans and nature

Today in climate change (23 December 2023)

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Sydney hits 2.5 metres of annual rain amid record wet year

Increasingly Sophisticated Climate Models Need the Out-Of-Sample Tests Paleoclimates Provide

Hot Cities, Chilled Economies

Antarctic Ice-Sheet Meltwater Reduces Transient Warming and Climate Sensitivity Through the Sea-Surface Temperature Pattern Effect

Laser scanning reveals potential underestimation of biomass carbon in temperate forest

Year in Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in the Energy Transition

Managing water in the Murray-Darling basin in the face of climate change

The implications of climate change for emergency planning

A global dataset of daily maximum and minimum near-surface air temperature at 1 km resolution over land (2003–2020)

When Climate Adaptation Backfires

Miami-Dade County launches first-ever Extreme Heat Action Plan

South Australia’s remarkable 100 per cent renewables run extends to over 10 days

Incorporating non-stationarity from climate change into rainfall frequency and intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) curves

Rooftop solar is eating coal and gas markets in every mainland state

Argentina’s record-breaking 2022 heatwave made ‘60 times more likely’ by climate change

EU’s 2021 greenhouse emissions fell 22% from 2008 peak

COP27 Resilience Hub Synthesis Report

Ten countries making progress in climate change in 2022

NSW to turbocharge transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions

What on Earth is a polar vortex? And what’s global warming got to do with it?

Today in climate change (2 December 2022)

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Greta Thunberg and more than 600 youths are taking Sweden to court. Here’s why

Climate concern the main reason voters swung to independents at federal election, study finds

Rising Sea Levels Besieging Africa’s Booming Coastal Cities

Unmasking the Effects of Aerosols on Greenhouse Warming Over Europe

Climate Change Impacts in Latin America

Climate change, driven by the burning of coal, oil and gas, was a major factor in the Great Deluge

Floods differ in a warmer future

Reconciling disagreement on global river flood changes in a warming climate

As strong winds and torrential rains inundate Australia’s south-eastern coast, new research suggests that high intensity bushfires might not be too far behind, with their dual effects extending damage zones and encroaching on previously low-risk residential areas

Many forests will become highly flammable for at least 30 extra days per year unless we cut emissions, research finds

Future multivariate weather generation by combining Bartlett-Lewis and vine copula models

NASA Study: Rising Sea Level Could Exceed Estimates for U.S. Coasts

How an Early Oil Industry Study Became Key in Climate Lawsuits

Triple-Dip La Niña persists, prolonging drought and flooding

Will Summer 2022-23 Result in a Season of Tropical Cyclones and Floods for Australia?

Today in climate change (25 November 2022)

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This platform displays census-tract level surface urban heat island (SUHI) intensities (daytime and nighttime estimates for summer, winter, and the whole year) for US urbanized areas

Cop27 is a chance to go further and faster with renewable energy

‘We can do the impossible’: how key players reacted to end of Cop27 climate summit

A deal on loss and damage, but a blow to 1.5C – what will be Cop27’s legacy?

‘No safe place’: Kiribati seeks donors to raise islands from encroaching seas

Climate change exacerbated heavy rainfall leading to large scale flooding in highly vulnerable communities in West Africa

The cryosphere raises a “red flag”

Sea level rise to dramatically speed up erosion of rock coastlines by 2100

COP27 Summit Yields ‘Historic Win’ for Climate Reparations but Falls Short on Emissions Reductions

Arctic carbon conveyor belt discovered

Warming seasons!

State of the Climate 2022 Report: Australia is projected to experience continued increase in air temperatures, more heat extremes and short-duration heavy-rainfall events

State of the climate: what Australians need to know about major new report

Large parts of Europe are warming twice as fast as the planet on average

A climate scientist’s personal reckoning

Ministers from 40+ countries join forces for the 2022 Climate and Clean Air Ministerial

Forest fire threatens global carbon sinks and population centres under rising atmospheric water demand

Climate change is costing trillions — and low-income countries are paying the price

2021 North American heatwave amplified by climate change-driven nonlinear interactions

COP27: Africa took climate action into own hands, Asia must too

Climate-fuelled disasters: warning people is good, but stopping the disaster is best. Here are 4 possible ways to do it

Today in climate change (18 November 2022)

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Global carbon emissions at record levels with no signs of shrinking, new data shows

The challenges of climate change adaptation for displaced communities: The Bikini community on Kili and Ejit Islands

Handbook on Climate Change and Disasters

UN to track greenhouse gas emitters with space data

Heatwaves, spread of infectious diseases due to climate change growing health threats to Europeans

Scientists understood physics of climate change in the 1800s – thanks to a woman named Eunice Foote

What is climate change ‘Loss and Damage’?

Australia still trails most developed countries in climate performance ranking

Eight warmest years on record witness upsurge in climate change impacts

Economic losses from extreme weather rocket in Asia

Methane emissions from 15 meat and dairy companies rival those of the EU