Today in climate change (21 February 2020)


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The story of coal and climate change is not a tale of two cities, but a tale of two regional Australias

Climate summit calls for urgent action after Australia’s fire-hit summer

An Iceberg Triple The Size Of San Francisco Breaks Off Antarctica’s Most Endangered Glacier

UK must prepare for more intense storms, climate scientists say

Scientists say climate change is behind the unprecedented intensity of the bushfires that have burned a reported 27 million acres in Australia

“Glacial Earthquakes” Spotted for the First Time on Thwaites

Public support for new coalmines falls even among Coalition voters, ANU poll finds

Solar thermal power the way forward for Australia despite hiccups, nuclear expert says

Australia has done little on emissions, and is not planning much in next decade

How heat and drought turned Australia into a tinderbox

Vancouver has been named a global leader for climate change

Study indicates human fossil methane emissions have been underestimated by up to 40%

The Antarctic Peninsula is setting heat records. They won’t stand long

There Is No Impending ‘Mini Ice Age’

Two New Studies Add Fuel to the Debate Over Methane

Today in climate change (14 February 2020)

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West Australia grid officially hits more than 50% renewables for first time

Fires and floods: maps of Europe predict scale of climate catastrophe

Greenland Rising: The Future of Greenland’s Waterfront

Deforested parts of Amazon ’emitting more CO2 than they absorb’

With sufficient investment and strategic deployment, carbon dioxide removal and storage can play a key role in keeping global warming to a level we can live with

We’re facing a climate crisis but there is good news

Southern California Climate Change over 100,000 Years

There Are Rivers in the Sky Drenching the U.S. Because of Climate Change

Preparing for climate change

US cities at risk of sea level inundation

Burning gas, coal and oil costs global economy $8bn a day and particularly harms children

Marshall Islands, Suriname, Norway upgrade climate plans before Cop26

‘Climigration’: when communities must move because of climate change

Pine Island Glacier’s Newest Iceberg

Inside Australia’s climate emergency: the new fire zone

Who will bear the financial risk of climate-related disasters?

In the span of 141 years of climate records, there has never been a warmer January than last month

How to achieve climate goals: try this tool

Antarctic temperature rises above 20C for first time on record

Partisan gap on dealing with climate change gets even wider

‘Business as usual’ on climate change will cost Australia $29 billion a year

Climate change: Bangkok, Amsterdam and Melbourne ‘face greatest global warming risk’

2050 Climate Change City Index


Today in climate change (7 February 2020)


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Australia’s horrific bushfires could be the catalyst that pushes the world to a mass recognition that it’s time to act

As cities are shaped by rising seas and extreme weather events, the way we work will be irrevocably altered

As the Himalayas Melt, Thousands of Dangerous Floods Could Sweep Through the Mountain Range

Dwindling Arctic Sea Ice May Affect Tropical Weather Patterns

Response to the Critical review of climate change and water modelling in Queensland

The Stunning Rise Of The Climate Voter

No huge spike in climate alarm after bushfires

Heat kills. We need consistency in the way we measure these deaths

Number of Kiwis who view climate change as an issue doubles

Earth is heating at a rate equivalent to five atomic bombs per second. Or two Hurricane Sandys

Scientists Make First-Ever Observation Of Warm Water Undercutting Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’

Climate emergency: Indonesia faces catastrophic floods, disappearing islands

Insurers concerned about climate change as bushfire claims bill tops $1.3b|2f57f0369d908c714080e2611efaa8a0

Consolidating Sea Level Acceleration Estimates from Satellite Altimetry

Ideological polarization over the reality of climate change actually increases with respondents’ knowledge of politics, science and/or energy policy

Sea-level rise ‘accelerating’ along U.S. coasts, report warns

U.S. Sea-Level Report Cards

January 2020 warmest on record: EU climate service

Bad news for coal: India lands world’s largest, super cheap solar and storage tender

Andes Meltdown: New Insights Into Rapidly Retreating Glaciers

World’s biggest iceberg makes a run for it

The climate crisis is here, and right now, in Australia, it’s speaking to us in the language of smoke and fire

Climate, extreme weather, biodiversity, food and water crises could lead to ‘systemic collapse

Permafrost Is Thawing So Fast, It’s Gouging Holes in the Arctic

Today in climate change (31 January 2020)


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Australia is going up in flames, and its government calls for resilience while planning for more coal mines

Building community resilience to climate change: The role of a Population-Health-Environment programme in supporting the community response to cyclone Haruna in Madagascar

As sea levels rise, little of the United States will be unaffected

Melting Arctic sea ice may be altering winds, weather at equator: study

Economy-wide effects of coastal flooding due to sea level rise: a multi-model simultaneous treatment of mitigation, adaptation, and residual impacts

Climate change splits the public into six groups. Understanding them is key to future action

How the ‘Venice of Africa’ is losing its battle against the rising ocean

‘Dire outlook’: Researchers call for urgent Australian climate action|126d80fbda1923a75b4f20b6052dfc42

The outlook for humans is dire without urgent action: 81 laureates’ letter to Australia

Emissions – the ‘business as usual’ story is misleading

Temperatures at a Florida-Size Glacier in Antarctica Alarm Scientists

Building a Resilient Tomorrow: How to Prepare for the Coming Climate Disruption

Today in climate change (24 January 2020)


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David Attenborough calls Australia’s bushfires ‘the moment of crisis’ to address climate change

The climate factors contributing to Australia’s bushfires are strikingly similar to those at play in California

Fiji calls for urgent action on climate crisis as second cyclone hits in three weeks

From “wet bulb” heat waves that create deadly humidity to cascading economic effects of sea level rise, a new report catalogs some of the unanticipated consequences of runaway global warming

Climate risk and response: Physical hazards and socioeconomic impacts

The misallocation of climate research funding

Annual CEO survey found 65% of bosses were worried about climate, even before the bushfire crisis peaked

Experts say judgment is ‘tipping point’ that opens the door to climate crisis claims for protection

Why we can no longer ignore consecutive disasters

RBA told to ‘mobilise all forces’ to save the economy from climate change

This is what climate change looks like

Emissions of potent greenhouse gas have grown, contradicting reports of huge reductions

Could Australia’s bushfire disaster alter the conversation on climate change?

Bushfires have effectively doubled Australia’s annual greenhouse gas output

Projected Changes to Extreme Runoff and Precipitation Events From a Downscaled Simulation Over the Western United States

Landmark climate migration decision

Funding to build seawalls in the Torres Strait, amidst calls for climate change action

Weather shows evidence of climate change every single day since 2012

Rising temperatures put more US workers at risk of dying from heat

The ‘Doomsday Clock’ has jumped closer to midnight than ever as nuclear weapons and climate disasters turn the world into a ‘pressure cooker

Climate change-driven sea-level rise could trigger mass migration of Americans to inland cities, finds new AI study

Modeling migration patterns in the USA under sea level rise

Today in climate change (17 January 2020)


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Study Confirms Climate Models are Getting Future Warming Projections Right

Some say we’ve seen bushfires worse than this before. But they’re ignoring a few key facts

Ocean temperatures hit record high as rate of heating accelerates

Anomalously warm temperatures are associated with increased injury deaths

Studying Asian glaciers provides glimpse into future of extremes

The ice we’ve lost to climate change this past decade, visualized

Australia is no longer the lucky country

Despite the political smokescreen, scientists are in no doubt that global heating has contributed to Australia’s fire emergency

U.S. greenhouse gas emissions fell slightly in 2019

US National Climate Report – Annual 2019

Climate change: Australia fires will be ‘normal’ in warmer world

ScienceBrief Review: Climate Change Increases the Risk of Wildfires

Australia’s Wildfires Might Intensify Future Climate Crises

Inaction over climate emergency ‘not an option’ says UN Assembly chief

2019 capped off the world’s hottest decade in recorded history

Injuries and Deaths Could Rise with Climate Change in the U.S., a New Study Finds

Climate Change Brings Geopolitical Complications for Australia

Climate change to be brought into new flooding guidance maps for Wales

Climate change to be key element in next Canadian budget: finance minister

New climate models suggest Paris goals may be out of reach

5 states had the wettest year on record in 2019

Climate change is making Australia’s weird weather even weirder

For the first time, the Alarmed are now the largest of Global Warming’s Six Americas

Glacial Lake Outburst Floods: A New Climate-Related Threat from Above

Today in climate change (10 January 2020)


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This apocalyptic Australian summer is our Sandy Hook moment – if we don’t take climate action now we never will

The first systematic review finds that climate models have been remarkably accurate

The bushfire crisis has given the Government a political ‘out’ to its climate change problem

Australia Will Lose to Climate Change

Australia’s unprecedented wildfires are supercharged thanks to climate change, the type of trees catching fire and weather, experts say

A theory of adaptation to climate change. From trajectories of vulnerability to adaptation pathways

Glaciers in the Olympic Mountains could vanish by end of this century

How can we adapt to a fierier world?

Climate signals detected in global weather

Forecasted attribution of the human influence on Hurricane Florence

Weather bureau says hottest, driest year on record led to extreme bushfire season

Australia Annual climate statement 2019

In the face of extreme climate events, ASU professor to link network of groups developing nature-based solutions

The summer has seen another cyclone in Fiji and terrible fires in Australia. We don’t need to be scientists to know that something is very wrong here

Miami needs allies in its fight to survive climate change

In 2030, we ended the climate emergency. Here’s how

Experts say climate change is driving up the risk of wildfires in Canada

Decade in review: how climate change has made flooding worse