Today in climate change (26 May 2023)

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Is there warming in the pipeline? A multi-model analysis of the Zero Emissions Commitment from CO2

Transport produces a large and rising share of Australia’s harmful carbon pollution (19 percent)

The nine hours in which Spain made the 100% renewable dream a reality

Redefining “Glacial Pace”

In Years After El Niño, Global Economy Loses Trillions

Global Ocean Heat and Salt Content: Seasonal, Yearly, and Pentadal Fields

A multimodel analysis of post-Glasgow climate targets and feasibility challenges

Can coal-hungry Botswana ramp up solar to meet renewables target?

Study finds 2 billion people will struggle to survive in a warming world – and these parts of Australia are most vulnerable

Quantifying the human cost of global warming

Transport Minister Michael Wood: ‘Real possibility’ some NZ roads will be abandoned

What Bangladesh can teach the world about climate disaster preparation

More nations plan for ‘health disasters’ fuelled by climate change

Global heating will push billions outside ‘human climate niche’

Nearly 150,000 Indians have died in the past 51 years because of extreme weather: WMO

Minimizing the risk of rising sea levels

Were Italy’s floods caused by climate change? Experts analyse what happened as 36,000 left homeless

World Meteorological Congress approves Global Greenhouse Gas Watch

Adapting to the impacts of extreme heat in Bangladesh’s labour force

‘Gobsmacking’: Antarctic sea ice shrinks

World organisations, world events and world objects: how science, politics, and the mass media co-produce climate futures

The CoralHydro2k database: a global, actively curated compilation of coral δ18O and Sr ∕ Ca proxy records of tropical ocean hydrology and temperature for the Common Era

How Blackouts during Heat Waves Amplify Mortality and Morbidity Risk

Accelerating Climate Action Will Help Honduras Achieve Inclusive and Resilient Growth

Limiting global warming to 1.5°C would save billions from dangerously hot climate

Strategic city planning can help reduce urban heat island effect

Recent reduced abyssal overturning and ventilation in the Australian Antarctic Basin

Origin, importance, and predictive limits of internal climate variability

Forcing and impact of the Northern Hemisphere continental snow cover in 1979–2014

Sweltering heat wave hits Sri Lanka; climate change will likely bring more

Burning Hot: 50 Years of Fire Weather Across the United States


Today in climate change (19 May 2023)

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Flood risks remain as B.C. heat wave smashes temperature records

Hybrid forecasting: blending climate predictions with AI models

Oceans have been absorbing the world’s extra heat. But there’s a huge payback National Integrated Heat Health Information System

Change in Antarctic ice shelf area from 2009 to 2019

The effect of uncertainties in natural forcing records on simulated temperature during the last millennium

Green energy flag-bearer South Australia says gas must ‘stand behind’ renewable switch

The Link Between the Madden-Julian Oscillation and Rainfall Trends in Northwest Australia

Exploring risks and benefits of overshooting a 1.5 °C carbon budget over space and time

Coping with climate shocks: Ecosystems versus economic systems

U.S. heat wave frequency and length are increasing

May 2023 ENSO update: El Niño knocking on the door

World’s biggest carbon capture plant running at one third capacity, Chevron Australia reveals

French activists protest climate crisis with fire

Global warming to bring record hot year by 2028 – probably our first above 1.5°C limit

Taking the Pulse of Global Change with World Heritage Data Sets

April Heat Wave in South Asia Made 30 Times More Likely by Climate Change

Managing wildfires in the context of climate change

Global temperatures set to reach new records in next five years

Heat Waves: A Growing Threat to Society and the Environment

El Niño and La Niña have become more extreme and frequent because of climate change, study finds

Today in climate change (12 May 2023)

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World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency 2022

Political strategies for climate and environmental solutions

How will climate change impact wildfires in Scotland?

April Mediterranean heatwave ‘almost impossible’ without climate crisis

Solar Installation Growth Expected To Reach 700 GW By 2025

How will climate change affect Latin America? Scientists respond to IPCC report

Thermal structure of proglacial lakes in Patagonia

As Torres Strait Islands face a ‘climate crisis’, there are calls for the government to ‘see for themselves’

Why making El Niño forecasts in the spring is especially anxiety-inducing

Extreme April heat in Spain, Portugal, Morocco & Algeria almost impossible without climate change

IPCC data on coastal flood risk on BlueEarth

Exceptional stratospheric contribution to human fingerprints on atmospheric temperature

Quantifying the contribution of forcing and three prominent modes of variability to historical climate

Black summer bushfires may have caused rare ‘triple dip’ La Niña, study suggests

Greenland glacier discovery shows sea level projections are too low

Climate Change Tracker

Record number of serious outdoor fires tackled in England in summer 2022

May 2023 ENSO update: El Niño knocking on the door

The UN Campaign for Individual Action

Climate Central analysis shows that human-caused climate change made the record-breaking spring heat forecast in parts of the western U.S. and Canada up to 5 times more likely

Global Mean Sea Level rise rate

Today in climate change (5 May 2023)

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Australia’s adoption of electric vehicles has been maddeningly slow, but we’re well placed to catch up fast

‘Endless record heat’ in Asia as highest April temperatures recorded

Researchers from ISGlobal and LSHTM Call for Incorporating Heat Stress Indices into Communication of Dangerous Heat Waves

Indigenous knowledge can help address climate change

How Sicily Is Tackling Wildfires Amid a Global Climate Crisis

In the Pacific Northwest, 2021 Was the Hottest Year in a Millennium

Sizzling Cities: Planning for urban heat resilience in South Asia

Wildfires, Global Climate Change, and Human Health

Hawaiʻi Sea Level Rise Viewer

Remarkable new tech has revealed the ancient landscape of Arnhem Land that greeted Australia’s First Peoples

Climate change and crumbling infrastructure create a ‘perfect storm’ for Americans living in flood zones

Today in climate change (28 April 2023)

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Thai authorities issue extreme heat warnings as temperatures soar

Majority of Australians keen to switch from gas to electric to lower emissions, survey finds

The summer of 2021 was the Pacific Northwest’s hottest in a millennium

Report highlights climate change danger to children’s education in Pacific

Poles Have Lost Enough Ice to Form an Ice Cube 12 Miles High, Study Finds

‘We have already lost’ in 2 key climate change signals, according to UN report

As Earth’s climate warms, glaciers and ice sheets are retreating, cracking, and adding to sea level rise at record speeds

How will I experience climate change?

Here Are the Places Most at Risk From Record-Shattering Heat

Half the global population saw all-time record temperatures over past decade

WMO annual report highlights continuous advance of climate change

In hot water: here’s why ocean temperatures are the hottest on record

As Sea Levels Rise, the East Coast Is Also Sinking

The most at-risk regions in the world for high-impact heatwaves

Human-induced climate change increased drought severity in Horn of Africa

AR6 Synthesis Report: Climate Change 2023

Drought-hit Spanish town gets water trucked in as temperatures peak

‘Statistically impossible’ heat extremes are here – we identified the regions most at risk

Record renewables help bring down Australia’s energy prices and emissions

The Global Transboundary Climate Risk Report 2023

Extreme climatic events and human biology and health: A primer and opportunities for future research

Today in climate change (21 April 2023)

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Is sea-level rise exaggerated?

Disaster risk is magnified by climate change; it can increase the hazard while at the same time decreasing the resilience of households and communities

El Nino watch has been issued by NOAA

How is climate change affecting wildfires? Expert discusses link, concerns

Drastic climate action is the best course for economic growth, new study finds

Antarctica’s heart of ice has skipped a beat. Time to take our medicine

Wave Climate Variability and Trends in Tuvalu Based on a 44-Year High-Resolution Wave Hindcast

The next El Niño: when is it coming and how strong might this one be for Australia?

Human-induced weakening of the Northern Hemisphere tropical circulation

Florida lawmakers set aside $2.5M to buy out homes on St. Johns County beach with severe erosion

AGL juggles closure times as NSW waves goodbye to Australia’s oldest coal plant

Ocean conditions in uncharted territory as water temperatures reach record high

New Research Sparks Concerns That Ocean Circulation Will Collapse

Sprawling heat wave envelops large swath of Asia

More Heat Waves and fewer Cold Waves are the new normal in India

Faster than forecast, climate impacts trigger tipping points in the Earth system

Accelerating melt of ice sheets now ‘unmistakable’

‘Frightening’: record-busting heat and drought hit Europe in 2022

European State of the Climate 2022

Fear and Wonder podcast: how climate change is affecting rainfall, droughts and floods

Killer heatwaves endanger India’s development

Today in climate change (14 April 2023)

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Wind and solar power generators wait in yearslong lines to put clean electricity on the grid, then face huge interconnection fees they can’t afford

Heat-driven shifts in wind patterns could increase hurricane risks along US coastlines, researchers say

‘Headed off the charts’: world’s ocean surface temperature hits record high

Washington state’s 2021 heat wave contributed to 159 excess injury deaths over three weeks

“We must work for water, for water to work for us” – UN Climate Change Executive Secretary addresses water-climate challenge

Climate models warn of possible ‘super El Niño’ before end of year

The suite of substances that can tackle carbon dioxide

NOAA says methane is now over 2.5 times pre-industrial levels

Does climate breakdown mean we’re doomed? No: if we’re brave, big change can happen fast

Global warming is disrupting an Antarctic current system that life on Earth relies on

Getting real: what would serious climate action look like?

Simulated volcanic eruptions may be blowing up our ability to predict near-term climate

New study reveals ‘invisible’ glacier loss in the greater Himalaya

How cities use energy to regulate temperature – just like mammals

Today in climate change (7 April 2023)

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Australia has a carbon price for industry – and it may infuse greater climate action

‘Slipping through our fingers’: New Zealand scientists distraught at scale of glacier loss

Back-to-Back Hurricanes Could Become Common by 2100

‘Losing your home is a massive thing’: how the climate crisis came to Norfolk

‘Tornado alley’ is shifting farther into the US east, climate scientists warn

Climate risks could prompt a rethink of planned SEQ dam upgrades

Underestimated mass loss from lake-terminating glaciers in the greater Himalaya

For Uganda’s Vanishing Glaciers, Time Is Running Out

In Fiji, the climate crisis is no longer off in the future – it’s a daily reality

Today in climate change (31 March 2023)

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Forget geoengineering. We need to stop burning fossil fuels. Right now

While you fight climate wars, we lose the climate battle

Fortescue hails “green iron” breakthrough as own coal-free tech moves to pilot phase

Confirmed: Global floods, droughts worsening with warming

10 countries at risk of climate disaster

Why Western Sydney is feeling the heat from climate change more than the rest of the city

Impact of Accelerated Climate Change on Maximum Temperature Differences between Western and Coastal Sydney

Rooftop solar’s dominant summer: Homes and businesses outpower brown coal

The South Australia grid, the world’s leader with a 70 per cent share of wind and solar power over the past 12 months, is about to take another big step towards running on a truly fossil fuel free grid

How Is India Adapting to Heatwaves?: An Assessment of Heat Action Plans With Insights for Transformative Climate Action

Abyssal ocean overturning slowdown and warming driven by Antarctic meltwater

Fear and Wonder podcast: how scientists know the sea is rising

Landmark study projects ‘dramatic’ changes to Southern Ocean by 2050

‘A win of epic proportions’: World’s highest court can set out countries’ climate obligations after Vanuatu secures historic UN vote

Today in climate change (24 March 2023)

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What is the IPCC AR6 synthesis report and why does it matter?

Solar and wind dominate India’s capacity additions in 2022

NSW swelters in record heat as firefighters battle blazes

We’re sailing towards catastrophe, but we can still turn this ship around

Tonga Eruption May Temporarily Push Earth Closer to 1.5°C of Warming

Chinese coal boom a ‘direct threat’ to 1.5C goal, analysts warn

Cyclone Freddy was the most energetic storm on record. Is it a harbinger of things to come?

What Australia could do with $368 billion on the very real climate threat

Samoa PM urges world to save Pacific people from climate crisis obliteration

AR6 Synthesis Report: Climate Change 2023

Scientists deliver ‘final warning’ on climate crisis: act now or it’s too late

NASA Uses 30-Year Satellite Record to Track and Project Rising Seas

What ocean for tomorrow? Marine ecosystems in a changing climate – Insights from the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report

Leaders urged to act on Western Sydney ‘urban heat island’ crisis

Australia’s 116 new coal, oil and gas projects equate to 215 new coal power stations

UN says Australia must quit coal by 2030, reach net zero by 2040, no new coal or gas

Ice-sheet collapse and sea-level rise at the Bølling warming 14,600 years ago

Changing intensity of hydroclimatic extreme events revealed by GRACE and GRACE-FO

IPCC: ‘Severe consequences’ of further warming in disaster-hit Himalayas