Today in climate change (24 January 2020)


Please find below links to recent climate change news…

David Attenborough calls Australia’s bushfires ‘the moment of crisis’ to address climate change

The climate factors contributing to Australia’s bushfires are strikingly similar to those at play in California

Fiji calls for urgent action on climate crisis as second cyclone hits in three weeks

From “wet bulb” heat waves that create deadly humidity to cascading economic effects of sea level rise, a new report catalogs some of the unanticipated consequences of runaway global warming

Climate risk and response: Physical hazards and socioeconomic impacts

The misallocation of climate research funding

Annual CEO survey found 65% of bosses were worried about climate, even before the bushfire crisis peaked

Experts say judgment is ‘tipping point’ that opens the door to climate crisis claims for protection

Why we can no longer ignore consecutive disasters

RBA told to ‘mobilise all forces’ to save the economy from climate change

This is what climate change looks like

Emissions of potent greenhouse gas have grown, contradicting reports of huge reductions

Could Australia’s bushfire disaster alter the conversation on climate change?

Bushfires have effectively doubled Australia’s annual greenhouse gas output

Projected Changes to Extreme Runoff and Precipitation Events From a Downscaled Simulation Over the Western United States

Landmark climate migration decision

Funding to build seawalls in the Torres Strait, amidst calls for climate change action

Weather shows evidence of climate change every single day since 2012

Rising temperatures put more US workers at risk of dying from heat

The ‘Doomsday Clock’ has jumped closer to midnight than ever as nuclear weapons and climate disasters turn the world into a ‘pressure cooker

Climate change-driven sea-level rise could trigger mass migration of Americans to inland cities, finds new AI study

Modeling migration patterns in the USA under sea level rise


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