Today in climate change (14 February 2020)

climatePlease find below a list of links to recent climate change news…

West Australia grid officially hits more than 50% renewables for first time

Fires and floods: maps of Europe predict scale of climate catastrophe

Greenland Rising: The Future of Greenland’s Waterfront

Deforested parts of Amazon ’emitting more CO2 than they absorb’

With sufficient investment and strategic deployment, carbon dioxide removal and storage can play a key role in keeping global warming to a level we can live with

We’re facing a climate crisis but there is good news

Southern California Climate Change over 100,000 Years

There Are Rivers in the Sky Drenching the U.S. Because of Climate Change

Preparing for climate change

US cities at risk of sea level inundation

Burning gas, coal and oil costs global economy $8bn a day and particularly harms children

Marshall Islands, Suriname, Norway upgrade climate plans before Cop26

‘Climigration’: when communities must move because of climate change

Pine Island Glacier’s Newest Iceberg

Inside Australia’s climate emergency: the new fire zone

Who will bear the financial risk of climate-related disasters?

In the span of 141 years of climate records, there has never been a warmer January than last month

How to achieve climate goals: try this tool

Antarctic temperature rises above 20C for first time on record

Partisan gap on dealing with climate change gets even wider

‘Business as usual’ on climate change will cost Australia $29 billion a year

Climate change: Bangkok, Amsterdam and Melbourne ‘face greatest global warming risk’

2050 Climate Change City Index



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