Today in climate change (4 December 2020)

Please find below links to recent climate change news…

Tasmania declares itself 100 per cent powered by renewable electricity

Electricity supplies under pressure due to heatwave, energy market operator warns

Cool change moves in after Sydney and northern NSW endure record-smashing heatwave

Polar scientists wary of impending satellite gap

Extreme heat is a threat to lives in Africa, but it’s not being monitored

Inquiry into tackling climate change in Victorian communities

Three-quarters of Australians back target of net zero by 2030, Guardian Essential poll shows

European states ordered to respond to youth activists’ climate lawsuit

Weekend heatwave sent records tumbling in SA and NSW — and it isn’t over yet

Climate Solutions Series: Decarbonizing the Built Environment

How climate change could spark the next home mortgage disaster

What’s the impact of melting ice on rising sea levels?

The UN canceled its 2020 climate summit. Youth held one anyway

Australia endures hottest spring ever, with average temperatures more than 2C above average

Pacific leaders condemn Australia’s climate target as ‘one of the weakest’ in open letter

Climate change: Temperature analysis shows UN goals ‘within reach’

Australia’s states have been forced to go it alone on renewable energy, but it’s a risky strategy

Sea level rise and coastal flooding threaten affordable housing

Climate emergency: New Zealand must match words and actions

What can Covid-19 teach us about preparing for climate risks in Europe?

Progress toward managing rising seas

Future Brahmaputra river flooding as climate warms may be underestimated, study says

UN climate summit president thanks Australian states – but not Morrison government – for backing net zero

Rising seas predicted to flood thousands of affordable housing units by 2050

Climate change: 2020 set to be one of the three warmest years on record

Humanity is waging war on nature, says UN secretary general

NZ joins a groundswell in sounding the climate emergency alarm. Can it make any real difference?

Movements shaping climate futures: A systematic mapping of protests against fossil fuel and low-carbon energy projects

The matrix of two worlds working for better community resilience

WMO Provisional report on the state of the global climate 2020

Climate change is resulting in profound, immediate and worsening health impacts, over 120 researchers say

The 2020 report of The Lancet Countdown on health and climate change: responding to converging crises

Indonesia’s tropical glacier is rare, revered, and could be gone by next year

Art Basel Miami 2020: climate change concerns dominate unusual year

Confronting the ‘isolated, lonely, painful deaths’ from heat waves

Increased Plate Tectonic Activity May Have Warmed the Miocene Climate

“Thirstier” atmosphere will increase wildfire risk out west

Pushing back against the tide: Vanuatu’s climate fight


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