Today in climate change (26 August 2016)

Please find below some links to important climate change news for this week…

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Climate Change Is Making Floods Like Louisiana’s Historic One More Common

Pacific sea level predicts global temperature changes

‘Next year or the year after, the Arctic will be free of ice’

As July’s Record Heat Builds Through August, Arctic Ice Keeps Melting

NASA monitors the ‘new normal’ of sea ice

This Entire Alaskan Village Has To Relocate Thanks To Global Warming

Cruel Summer

Clouds’ climate impact defies simple analysis

How Hot Was It in July? Hotter Than Ever

Flooding, Extreme Weather, and Record Temperatures: How Global Warming Puts it All Together

In Streak of Extreme Storms, What’s the Role of Warming?

Historical documents reveal Arctic sea ice is disappearing at record speed

Is Hong Kong ready for climate change?

A New Strategy for Climate Change? Retreat

As temperatures rocket, cities fight heat waves

Extreme weather like the Louisiana floods should serve as a warning

Neither Coalition nor Labor emissions reduction targets are good enough, says climate body

Without a longer-term view, the Paris Agreement will lock in warming for centuries

Why climate change could be making some sea levels fall

This Chart Shows Why Insurers Are Climate-Change Believers

When Glaciers Melt, Engineers Build Artificial Ones

Human-induced climate change began earlier than previously thought

NASA Flies to Africa to Study Climate Effects of Smoke on Clouds

Climate Change and Vector-Borne Diseases

Adaptation takes centre stage as IPCC prepares 1.5C study

As sea levels rise, nearly 1.9 million U.S. homes could be underwater by 2100

Climate Hackers: One man’s plan to stop global warming by shooting particles into the atmosphere

Early onset of industrial-era warming across the oceans and continents

Climate Change Could Cost Millennials $8.8 Trillion

Global warming is melting the Greenland Ice Sheet, fast

This Is What the Ice-Free Northwest Passage Looks Like

Kronotsky Peninsula, Kamchatka Glacier Fragmentation/Retreat

A Chunk of Ice the Size of a US State Is About to Collapse in Antarctica

Report: Sea Level Rise Worries Home Buyers


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