Today in climate change (23 September 2016)

Please find below some links to important climate change news for this week…

Fast study showed climate change’s influence on Louisiana’s devastating floods

Is La Niña Here? Depends Who You Ask

Time is running out for Britain to sign up to the Paris climate change accord

What is new in European climate research?

It’s time to help communities adapt to climate change

Does Climate Change Affect Our Weather? Yes. Yes, It Does

Global warming making Calif. wildfire season longer, more severe

In a corner of Bengal, people are living on the edge of a rising sea

2016’s hellish summer weather: A told-you-so climate moment?’s-hellish-summer-weather:-A-told-you-so-climate-moment

Australia’s emissions won’t fall by 2030 without greater climate action, modelling shows

Five of the six continents had at least a top 10 warm August

A must-see film on the impact climate change will have on 30 million in Bangladesh

How the new focus on 1.5C is reshaping climate research

Scientists may have solved a key riddle about Antarctica — and you’re not going to like the answer

High-Level Event on Entry into Force of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Hurricanes, storm surges and icebergs: How warmer seas are changing our planet

Trump’s climate science denial clashes with reality of rising seas in Florida

See David Letterman Preview Return to TV for Climate Change Series

Modeling Climate Change Policy Decisions Using a Probability Tree

Climate Change Explained in One Comic

Rain records falling across Australia

Climate change poses a major security risk to the U.S. today, intelligence report warns

From Scientific Skepticism to Conspiracy Theory

The Climate Could Be More Sensitive to CO2 Than We Think

How Three American U.S. Cities are Adapting to Climate Change

Climate Change Art

Greenland ice loss 40 trillion pounds bigger than thought


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